Local Activities/Seminars

The Mission of the HEREs:


  • Support policy development in the respective countries by supporting modernization reform processes and strategies in Higher Education, in close contact with the local authorities concerned and in particular as regards for instance curriculum development, modernization of governance, management and functioning of higher education systems and institutions, strengthening relations between the higher education sector and the wider societal and economic environment, etc.
  • Support policy dialogue with the EU in the field of Higher Education possibly in synergy and coordination with the various policy platforms established under the Erasmus+ program or other potential initiatives established by, and under the guidance of, the European Commission.
  • Support Erasmus+ and former EU programmes projects by disseminating their results and outcomes, notably best practices and innovative initiatives and exploiting them for modernization and development purposes.


HEREs' Objective:

The purpose of the National Teams of Higher Education Reform Experts is to provide a pool of expertise in order to promote reforms and enhance progress in Higher Education in the countries concerned and therefore participate in the development of policies and reforms in Higher Education in their respective country.


HEREs' Structure:

As a group, each national team of HEREs must have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide counseling to institutions and peers on the different areas covered under their mandate. In this context, the composition of the team must provide a suitable balance between the various profiles and fields of competences. A Chair is to be identified by each national team of HEREs with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of the group and being the privileged contact person for external stakeholders.


HEREs' Activities