Tasks of The Experts


Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs)

The main goal of the national teams of Higher Education Reform Experts is to provide a pool of expertise and act as a think tank promoting and participating in the development policies and reforms of higher education, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education.


The National Erasmus+ Office (NEO)is responsible for the management of the HEREs events and provides assistance to the team for carrying on their mission, studies, etc.


HEREs Activities

In addition to their role as Think Tank, the Higher Education Reform Experts participate regularly in various national and international events organized within the framework of activities of the SPHERE consortium “Support and Promotion of Higher Education Reform Experts” led by the University of Barcelona (UB) and the European Universities Association (EUA). Those national and international events are categorized as follows:


  • Thematic seminars

Aiming at providing new knowledge and practical experience through field visits at higher education institutions or other relevant stakeholders. They also provide a platform for questions, discussion and exchange of practices on specific topics and processes.

  •  Study visits

Focus on specific topics and fields of interest, common to various Partner Countries. The visits provide an opportunity to meet with

Academic and non-academic staff directly responsible for the introduction and the implementation of specific reforms or policies in the field of higher education.

  • Technical Assistance Missions (TAMs)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAMs) provide targeted technical assistance to the HERE team and NEO on issues related to the development of higher education reform policies and new trends in higher education.