Cluster meeting on CBHE project management: " How to ensure efficient management and implementation of CBHE projects"

The Agenda


Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) projects in Jordan and national priorities

- Curriculum development: Establishment of an Interdisciplinary Clinical Master Program in Rehabilitation Sciences at JUST (JUST-CRS)- Dr. Nazzal


- Modernisation of governance, management and functioning of HEIs: Modernising Human Resource management In South Mediterranean higher Education (RISE)- Prof. Salameh


- Strengthening of relations between HEIs and the wider economic and social environment: Promotion of innovation culture in the higher education in Jordan (INVENT)- Prof. Abu Al-Rub


CBHE exchange of experiences in the implementation of the single work-packages


Work package 1_The preparation: preparatory activities and coherence with the selected proposal: Development of higher education teaching modules on the socio-economic impacts of the renewable energy implementation (DESIRE)”- Dr. Qoaider


Work package 2_The Development: the development of the core activities of the project, the design and the LogFrame Matrix : “Modernization of teaching methodologies in higher education: EU experience for Jordan and Palestinian territory (METHODS)" - Prof. Al- Salaymeh


Work package 3 & 4_Management & Quality plan:  operational and financial management of the CBHE project and establishment of Quality assurance measures: “Modernising human resource management In South Mediterranean higher education” - Prof. Jfout


Work package 5_Dissemination & Exploitation of results: activities promoted to ensure visibility of the CBHE project, impact assessment and elaboration of a sound sustainability plan: Promotion of innovation culture in the higher education in Jordan (INVENT)” - Ms. Shihab