Local Activities:

  • Panel Discussion on Governance and Management of Health Faculties was conducted by our HERE Prof. Raeda Al-Qutob at two different universities; the University of Jordan and Al- Ahliyyeh Amman University respectively on 7 February and 7 March 2019.  The panel discussion aimed to encourage policy making to enhance governance and management of Health faculties by improving shared leadership, setting more feasible regulations and monitoring the organizational performance, in addition to, using the scheme of Capacity Building in Higher Education in order to disseminate and encourage proposing projects in the field of Health.  Agenda
  • Information Session on ICM and Virtual Exchange: Four information sessions at 4 different universities were conducted by our HERE Dr. Ammar Al-Maaytah; Yarmouk University, Al-Ahliyyeh Amman University and Applied Science University on the following respective dates: 21 February, 11 and 18 April, 2019.

  • HEInnovate Tool for Higher Education Institutions Workshop was conducted at two different universities by our HERE Dr. Ghadeers Al-Shabaan ; at Al-Balqa Applied University and Mutah University on the following respective dates 26 February and 10 March 2019.

  • HEInnovate and Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Workshop was conducted on 4 April 2019 at Princess Sumaya University for Technology by our HEREs Dr. Ammar Al-Maaytah and Dr. Ghadeer Al-Shabaan in two parallel sessions. Agenda 

  • Higher Education Reform Experts Seminar was conducted at Mutah University on 10 March 2019 by our HEREs Prof. Thafer As-Sarairah, Dr. Ammar Al-Maaytah, and Dr. Ghadeer Al-Shabaan. The seminar discussed several subjects including: Joint degrees, Entrepreneurship in higher education institutions, HEInnovate Tool for Higher Education Institutions, and Erasmus Exchange Programmes between EU universities and Mutah University. Agenda 

  • Internationalisation and Student Mobility Workshop was conducted by our HERE Prof. Fedai El-Tamimi at two different universities; Mutah University and University of Jordan on 7 and 14 April 2019. Agenda 

  • A Flipped Learning and New Teaching Methods was conducted at Al-Hussein bin Talal University on 14 April 2019 by our HERE Prof. Hasan Al-Shalabi. The session aimed to introduce staff and students to new teaching methods including the flipped learning in which the role of instructors and students is interchangeable. 

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